Interviewing Joanne Entwistle…


It is a very good question and it arose after I finish my undergraduate degree in Goldsmiths, which was in Communications and Sociology, and I was lucky to be taught by Dick Hebdige, a professor in the department of communications and one of the founders of the British culture studies. It was a very exciting intellectual environment and when I left college I knew I wanted to go on and do some further research, and I counted on Elizabeth Wilson’s book “Adorned in Dreams” which, at that time, was one of the few studies of fashion that was not just a historical text with gorgeous photographs of historical garments or a biography of a designer; but it was a text trying to give an account of the emergence of fashion, locating it within debates about modernity and post-modernity which I have been studying on my undergraduate degree. So I kind of consumed this book in a day and I was very excited, and it got me thinking about what other things have been published in fashion and what about the way people dress. I asked many, many questions. [...]


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Bonadio, M. C., Figueredo, H. G., & Andrade, R. M. de. (2019). Interviewing Joanne Entwistle…. dObra[s] – Revista Da Associação Brasileira De Estudos De Pesquisas Em Moda, 12(27), 243-257.

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